Satellite Billing the Safe Way

Satellite Business Environment

Operating a succesfull satellite business demand knowledge across a lot of technical areas - infrastructure architecture, satellite networks, satellite terminals, bandwidth management, project management, security and especially deep knowledge into the many complex billing setup as well as a high degree of knowledge about agile software development to ensure highest possible quality. We deliver all the technicals parts of your satellite business so you can focus on selling your products and services.

Our Satellite Business Environment do fully handle any type of Iridium Service across provisioning, billing and monitoring - our big advantage is that not only is billing fully implemented but the deep integration with Iridium on provisioning part allow advanced billing and monitoring capabilities that can't be offered with stand alone billing solutions.

The Airtime have been in this business for more than 20 years where we have been providing our Satelitte Business Environment for most of the larger operators, offering direct integration into almost all satellites in the sky as standard, and have developed our own Unified API that offer a single interface to basically any area of the current satellite business - Intelssat, Inmarsat, Iridium, Orbcomm, Eutelsat, SES, Thuraya, Orbcomm.....

This capability in combination with our many years expirence in building highly secure and scalable environments will ensure a succesful satellite operation.

Real Time Iridium Billing

The Airtime have processed Iridium Traffic CDR's across Iridium (postpaid, prepaid, PTT, SBD, GDB, Openport, Certus) from the beginning - all billing are performed in real time so monitoring of traffic usage and spending will allow instant customer notifications as well as real time usage throttling or auto suspend of terminals and packages.

Our solution isn't just a plain Iridium Billing system that process CDR files but is fully integrated with 'all' Iridium API interfaces for deep traffic management no matter if Certus, SBD, Prepaid, Rubics... Meaning our solution handle terminal activation, suspend, resume, prepaid topup, adding and removing any type of services on a terminals all added to a full self care environment.

This capability offer very advanced billing - as real time monitoring is an important part of Iridium Billing to prevent unwanted high charges for customers, credit risk issues..

Iridium Airtime Billing

Convergent Iridium collection, mediation, rating, reporting, invoicing is standard across any combination of Iridium Services, combining any Iridium traffic with any other satellite services from multiple sources into a single traffic view and a single invoice. Some of the Key Billing Functionalities:

- Proven Redundant & Scalable Billing Infrastructure
- Highly Secure Billing Environment ISO27001 level
- Process any format in the current satellite market
- Convergent Billing (single invoice) - Usage/Spending Monitoring
- Automated collector, mediator, rating running 24/7
- Subscription Fees (backward, forward, standard, floating, prorated..)
- Any combination of groups - SCAP, Vessel Groups, Print Groups, Tagging..
- Invoices are all template based - many standard formats
- Multi Language / Multi currency - end to end or calculated on invoices
- Prepaid billing fully integrated across Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya..
- Manual price and service capabilities incl. credit node handling
- Real time API to integrated customer real time CDR access
- Increment, min usage, unit billing, time based billing, usage billing.., upgrade/downgrade billing rules..
- Billing across migration,upgrade/downgrade, ETF billing, minimum commitment..
- Advanced customer self care across provisioning, billing and monitoring
- Implement new CDR formats using drag & drop wizard
- Manage rating plans using web, excel with drag & drop, secure access tools...
- Lots of Financial API's integrated - SAP, Navision, BSCS, Taxation integration, Currency API's ECB...
- Revenue Assurance (RA), Credit Risk reporting, Advanced integrated reporting as well as SAP Crystal Reports..
- More than 350 notification templates provided in multi language - offering HTML emails

Multi level billing in a single bill run - our business environment calculate cost price, reseller / partner price, company / end user price in a single parsing, that make it very easy to match supplier invoices, as well as generate invoices in any user level across the many levels.
We are integration directly with basically any external satellite reseller or satellite network operator on the market - as well as several of the major GSM operators, SIP providers or directly with the operators own POP environment where we process radius CDR's - allowing the operator to perform 'all' provisioning, billing and invoicing in a single extremly user friendly environment that offer transparent traffic and billing self care for all the operators customers.

Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus the newest Iridium product are fully integrated into our solution across Iridium Provisioning API's as well as Real Time Iridium CDR collection, mediation, rating, invoicing and reporting.

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Billing for Iridium Airtime

Experts in Iridium M2M

Our Satellite M2M platform UnitGate allow easy and simple development of M2M solutions, offering least cost routing, remote access directly to connected equipment, data pull & push, direct M2M device management, featch log files, swap software, reboot terminals, monitor online state - UnitGate have own MQTT broker, have integrated Cobham PRISM server...,

We offer markets most inexpensive M2M modules that allow centralized module management, manage all satellite connectivity so traffic flow are optimized for lowest possible cost, integrate temperatures, digital pouput to solidstate relays, monitor digital input, add rulles, conditions...

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Satellite M2M Billing

Behind the largest Satellite Operators

Singtel Billing

SingTel Satellite Environment

Been operating Singtel Satellite Provisioning, Billing and Monitoring - Integrating SingTel to satellite providers provisioning and billing, generating real time traffic for SingTel Commtroller used for customer self care, invoicing, reporting and instant monitoring especially for large vessel fleets..

Satellite Billing

Airbus Defence Billing

Developed Architecture and highly redundant satellite management environment for Airbus Defense to allow military customers like Nato to manage all connectivity in a single point across provisioning, billing, monitoring. Establishing a single environment in France across all satellites and with our advanced POP environment offering a single billing and invoicing solution across all services.

Satallite Billing

Satcom Direct Iridium

Satcom Direct have for many years been managing all their Iridium terminals, especially Iridium prepaid solutions across traditional Iridium as well as Certus prepaid - offering white labled partner portals for their resellers, automated topup, real time prepaid syncronisation, topup billing, traffic monitoring, credit balance monitoring, reporting, terminal sync. etc....

Thales Iridium Provisioning & billing

Thales Iridium Environment

Satellite Environment for Thales Group to handle all Inmarsat, Iridium, Eutelsat and VSAT provisioning and billing, offering their customers a single invoice and reporting interface that offer real time CDR output - when a data session or voice session terminate then instantly generating a CDR output for their military customers..

AST Group satellite billing

AST Group Satellite Billing

Developed Architecture and highly redundant satellite management environment for AST across all their satellite services to allow AST to enter into airtime business. Providing a single environment for customer self care and ability to offer a single invoice per group and informative invoices per subscription.

Satellite Billing System

Speedcast Real Time Billing

Operating all Speedcast Inmarsat FBB and Inmarsat GX maritime services across provisioning, billing and monitoring - Grapping Inmarsat GX metric every 5 min from all vessels allowing advanced big data managemenmt using Elasticsearch clusters combined with Kibana, Grafana and our own developed Inmarsat GX API offering customers access to advanced graphs, data reports and trouble shooting..

satellite billing

Globecomm Satellite Billing

Globecomm have from the beginning been running their provisioning and billing based on our provisioning, billing and monitoring solution - generating real time monitoring a rating across all satellite services - and been sending prerated data to their internal invoicing and financial system. Advanced CDR management with rerating, termination causes, CDR error handling, abnormal traffic pattern monitoring..

satellite billing

KDDI Satellite Billing

Handling KDDI provisioning, billing and monitoring across all their vessels, military and similar customer groups - all done in Japanese end to end - Japanese text on invoices, on self care environments, on reports - and all end end to end charged in Japanese YEN or USD for International customers. Billing integrated deeply with our Revenue Assurance engieen that constantly validate for CDR errors, error patterns, security issues....

Navarino Iridium Billing

Navarino Iridium Billing

Iridium Certus billing and provisioning combined with other maritime satellite services like Inmarsat FBB and Inmarsat GX maritime - where our environment manage all on ship configuration from the ground, adding IP address groups, routs and similar. Iridium billing is covering voice, data, messaging, streaming and handling all advanced fees charged for value added services..

Convergent Satellite Billing

This Billing Environment is Smarter

We are experts in the field of satellite services, have deep understanding into the different technologies and have direct technical contacts into all terminal manufactors and satellite operators. Our billing system have over the last 20 years developed into a rock solid platform that combine advanced functionality with a highly adaptive and user friendly interfacing, it is divided into three different main blocks to ensure highest possible security, unmatched degree of user friendly interfaces.

Frontend Environment offer easy and simple day to day management for operator and for customers, operator dashboard offer advanced management for operator super users, building rating plans with drag & drop, adding new products through wizards, building new CDR formats using drag & drop, and the final block is our backend system that offer connectivity to the other modules through highly secure API implementations. All parts can be running in redundant mode, all connectivity is stateless allowing the platform to scale unlimitted on top of our cluster database environment that operate in master-master-master replicated mode.

Collect, Mediate, Rate, Invoice...

Billing cover several workflow, across collecting traffic data, mediating collected data, apply rating, maintain allowance, generate fees linked to activation, subscription, resume, hibernate, upgrade, downgrade, disconnect, extra services, installation, value added fees and similar.
Collecting external CDR files can be done using sftp/ftp/email/internal dropzone/API collector, when a file is collected will it be mediated into our internal event based format - new CDR file formats can be implemented using our mediation wizard that make it extremly easy adding new formats, by standard will almost all standard CDR formats be fully supported already, when mediation is performed will our rating part be processing collected data in real time, adding minimum usage, minimum increment, adjust allowance across usage allowance or spending allowance, any form for product are fully suported across postpaid, prepaid, group packages as well as large pool groups.

When rating have been applied can invoices be generated at any stage, as long as the billing period is open then will generated invoices be marked with draft across the invoice to indicate it is in draft mode, if operator want to close and generate a single operator or print group then is this fully supported.

Invoices are generated based on invoice templates that control the layout of a given invoice, this mean the operator can have multiple invoice layout and formats as well as invoices in specific languages, generated invoices can be send to print, as email to user, as well as it can be made acailable in the frontend interface, it is also possible to generate invoice reports that can contain all charging and traffic details linked to a given invoice. Split invoicing are fully supported - allowing the operator to make one invoice for airtime, one for hardware, one for installation and one for services.Bo.

Solid and proven Billing Infrastructure

We are operating some of the worlds largest satellite installations that have more than 70 servers in a single operator setup - meaning we have a proven a solid knowledge in building and operating large replicated database environments with integrated backup and recovery procedures, we have over the years been constantly improving our architecture, hardware, operating systems, API installations that ensure a solid environment from the beginning.

A Single Billing Environment

Our Satelitte Business Environment is basically fully integrated into any major satellite operator on the market, which mean Iridium provisioning, billing and monitoring are a single satellite environment out of many, this allow a uniform way of managing satellite services across basically any type of service offered, being Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Eutelsat, Viasat, SES or any standard connectivity like 4G networks or SIP/VoIP platform that today are fully integrated into standard satellite equipment.

To make it even better do our platform come with an open Unity API that allow the operator as well as the operators customers to access provisioning, billing and monitoring in real time as if they was connected directly to the satellite provider. This API offer real time provisioning as well as real time billing - this is example allowing a partner to install our satellite environment and connect direct to the operator getting same functionality as if they was directly connected as Tier 1 to the different satellite networks..

Military Grade Security

Our Billing Platform are developed based on the best security practise in the business, our key staff are yearly going through security certifications to ensure that our delivered level of security are fully up to date, we are constaly performing security validations using OWASP, HP Fortify to ensure that we are delivering the best possible security level and provide ISO27001 military grade environments that operate the key data in a highly secure way. Our environment are divided as explained earlier into 3 main blocks, frontend, operator dashboard and backend - where backend isn't connected directly with Internet access - but only offering our secure API in a dedicated tunnel setup - all functionality are performed in the backend environment, where frontend environment basically only handle adding layout and colors to the interfaces, meaning absolutly no data are stored in the frontend environments.

Billing based on proven Open Source

Our Billing infrastructure is based on standard proven open source components - no legacy software like Windows and similar - this is to ensure that the best possible and proven elements are being included without the demand for automated software updates and similar. Our backend is developed in a solid version of Enterprice Jave, our Database cluser is based on MariaDB, our frontend and operator dashboard environment are based on hardend PHP. .

Iridium Certus - The Future of Broadband

Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus is the latest generation of Iridium satelitte service that offer land based connectivity as well as maritime connectivity for one of the lowest prices in the current satellite market.

Iridium Certus has been designed to become the markets fastest L-band (MSS) satellite connectivity, and as of today the only Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation that offers truly global service coverage (including the Poles).

Iridium Certus services are provided through Iridium Connected equipment to support broadband and midband voice and data capabilities for ships, vehicles, aircraft, and IoT devices. One terminal can deliver a range of services from multiple high-quality voice lines to the highest throughput L-band data speeds available, allowing simultaneous operations for business efficiency.

Certus Service

Bringing high quality services anywhere in the world at a range of speeds.

- Background IP Data
- Streaming IP Data
- High Quality Voice
- Messaging
- Prepaid Voice & Data
- Safety Services
- Secondary Data Flows
- Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)
- Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Route Service (AMSRS)

Used by the biggest Operators:

Iridium Certus Connectivity Speed

With speed capabilities ranging from 22 Kbps to 704 Kbps, Iridium Certus offers the highest speed L-band connectivity and only truly global mobile satellite service on the market. With speeds up to 704 Kbps, Iridium Certus was designed as a flexible platform and will continue to evolve, providing both higher and lower data speeds to address customer needs..

- Iridium Certus Midband 22Kbps - 88 Kbps - Smaller, Small size, low cost
- Iridium Certus Broadband 128 Kbps - 704 Kbps - Optimized for high speed

Centralized Iridium Management

Our Satellite Business Environment offer comprehensive Iridium management no matter what services are manageged - it isn't just providing the plain Iridium Billing mapping CDR's to Invoices, but offer any element in a single environment, end to end provisioning, billing, invoicing, reportng, user management, inventory management, revenue assurance, credit risk management, firewall integration, web/data acceleration, self care and much test environments like Inmarsat I4 Test environment, the live test environment will be connected to the live environment in parrell with the production environment but with dedicated inventory and the production environment with real customers and inventory. This three level aproach allow software upgrades to be performed in a highly secure way offering end to end testing before launching a new functionality or new service.

Satcom Direct Billing Environment
Honeywell Aero - Inmarsat GX Platform
Speedcast Satellite Billing System
Boeing Billing Platform
Navarino Billing System Reference
KDDI Billing Reference

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